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Male Enhancement using PMMA

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Dr Jason Rupeka’s (D!ck Daddy) proprietary minimally invasive, non-surgical phalloplasty designed to increase the size and substance of the male penis. Dr Rupeka uses polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA or Bellafill) to perform penile girth enhancements. The biostimulatory filler is delicately placed along the entire shaft of the flaccid penis painlessly, while awake, with a microcannula technique. This product then, over several months, will integrate with your body and stimulate the body's collagen production. This new collagen (tissue) production will enhance the girth of the penis for up to 10 years or more. 

PMMA is FDA approved for use by a licensed medical professional

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Our Results

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Dr Jason Rupeka

Dr Rupeka is a well-known and respected provider
in medical aesthetics. Owner and medical director of Youthology Regenerative Medicine and Youthology Biomedicine. Dr Rupeka specializes in penis enhancements, vaginal rejuvenation, cosmetic gynecology, anti-aging treatments, medical weight loss, biohacking, and minimally-invasive face and body contouring. For almost 10 years, Dr Rupeka has been at the forefront of Penis Enlargement by using Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), liposuction, tissue contraction, and PRP.

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Are you frustrated with your size and didn’t know that there were real non-surgical options? 

  • Improved Sensation During Intercourse
  • Improved Erections…
  • ​Increased Girth…
  • ​Growers Becoming Showers...
  • ​Improved Confidence…
  • ​Stronger Orgasms…

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70% of Women Prefer
Girth to Length


Anatomy Doesn’t Lie!

Increased girth stimulates more of the external and internal vagina

  • The Vagina is Shallow in Nature
  • ​Pressure-sensitive Nerve Endings are Stimulated more by Girth
  • ​Increased Girth Increases Stimulation on the Clitoris …
  • ​Increased Girth Increases Stimulation of the Pressure-sensitive Nerve Endings Adjacent to the Urethra (G Spot)...
  • ​The Area thought to be the Most Important in Female Sexual Response is the Outmost 1/3 of the Vagina…


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